Right to choose

Consumers have the following rights:

1. Right to select suppliers;

2. Right to request pre-authorisation for repairs or maintenance services;

3. Right to cancel advance reservations, bookings or orders; and

4. Right to choose or examine.

Right to select suppliers

The consumer has the right to shop around for the best prices, goods and services.

No bundling is allowed:

Consumers are not obliged to enter into additional agreements with suppliers from whom purchased goods or services.

Suppliers are not permitted to force consumers into an agreement with a designated third party, unless the supplier can show that the convenience to the consumer in having those goods or services bundled outweighs the limitation of the consumer’s right to choose or results in economic benefit for the consumer or the supplier offers bundled goods or services separately and at individual prices.

 Right to request pre-authorisation for repairs or maintenance services

The right to pre-authorise or refuse repairs or maintenance services and the consumer is not liable to pay for them if done without pre-approval.

Right to request written cost estimates/quotations prior to suppliers execution of repairs or maintenance and suppliers are not allowed to charge for such quoted/cost estimates.

Suppliers are not permitted to charge consumers for any diagnostic work/inspections/dis-assembly or re-assembly required in the preparation of an estimate. Where the service provider (before preparing the estimate) discloses the price for preparing the estimate to the consumer and the consumer approved it, then the service provider may recover the charge.

Right to cancel advance reservations, bookings or orders

Suppliers are entitled to request a reasonable advance deposit and to impose a reasonable charge for cancellation, depending on the nature of the business and specific circumstances. They cannot charge if the cancellation was as a result of the death or hospitalisation of a person for whom or for whose benefit the booking or order was made.

Right to choose or examine goods

Suppliers do not have the right to charge consumers for loss or damage to property or goods, unless it resulted from gross negligence, recklessness or deliberate actions or criminal conduct on the part of the consumer.

Consumers have the right to reject goods if the do not correspond with the pre-approved samples and suppliers are required to provide consumers with reasonable opportunity to examine goods purchased or delivered.