Legal Services

Legal Services

Webbers, as one of the oldest law firms in the Free State, handles legal challenges and issues on behalf of its clients in a professional and courteous manner.

We represent individuals and businesses alike and aim to offer a full legal service to our diverse client base.

Briefly described below, our practice areas are:

Administration of Estates

Our dedicated Deceased Estates department can assist and advise you on any potential problem which may arise. We have the capacity to deal with any legal issues that might be encountered during the administration process.

Real Estate

Our professional team has in excess of 40 years combined experience in the Property and Real Estate practice fields and is responsible for residential and commercial property transfers, mortgage bond registrations and bond cancellations as well as the drafting of sale agreements.

Insolvency Law

We provide clients with advice and assistance in respect of all aspects of insolvency law eg. liquidation applications and business rescue proceedings in respect of companies and sequestration of individuals and partnerships.

Arbitration and Mediation

Arbitration is a procedure whereby the parties to a dispute refer that dispute to a third party, who is the Arbitrator. The Arbitrator considers evidence provided by the parties and then make a final decision. Arbitration is a recognised and well established means of resolving disputes, particularly in the construction and commercial sectors.

General Litigation

We have a well established litigation practice with the necessary expertise and assist clients in the Magistrate’s, Regional and High Courts in all applicable areas of law in the Free State.

Corporate Formations

Starting a new business venture can be daunting and at times intimidating. Our team can assist with the registration of a company or the setting up of a business trust. We also assist with the drafting and negotiating of shareholder, partnership and finance agreements.

Insurance Litigation

Our insurance litigation experience on behalf of insurance companies and individuals is widely recognised. We provide litigation services to all types of insurance businesses such as insurance companies, insurance agencies and insurance brokers as well as individuals.

Personal Injury Litigation

Our professional and highly skilled team assists clients with all types of personal injury claims, including medical negligence claims.  We strive to ensure that our clients receive the maximum compensation legally due to them.

Commercial Litigation

Ideally situated in Bloemfontein, the seat of the Free State High Court and also with access to the Magistrate’s Court and the Regional Court, this practice is able to provide commercial clients with the service that meet their business needs.

Corporate Transactions

A company can be defined as an “artificial person”, invisible, intangible, created by or under law, as a separate legal entity and perpetual succession. A company can be created at law as a legal person so that the company in itself can accept limited liability. Its legal status gives a company the same rights as a natural person which means that a company can incur debt, own property and sue and be sued.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

We have been assisting clients with claims in terms of the Road Accident Fund Act and it’s predecessors for more than 40 years and have also during this time acted on behalf of the Fund itself.  We accordingly have one of the oldest and most established accident claim practices in the Free State and possess the necessary knowledge and skill to professionally assist clients with claims in terms of the said Act.

Environmental Law

The area of environmental law impacts on almost every aspect of life. Drinking water must meet regulatory standards before it may be consumed by the public. Car manufacturers must comply with emissions standards to protect air quality. Regulations govern the manufacture, storage, transportation, and disposal of the hazardous chemicals used to make deodorants, hair sprays, perfumes, makeup, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, detergents, cleansers, batteries, and myriad other common goods and products.

Labour and Employment Law

Our group of professionals assists clients with all types of labour related matters and represents clients (employers and employees) at the Council for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), Bargaining Councils, Disciplinary Hearings and at the Department of Labour.

Supreme Court of Appeal

This practice has an exceptional reputation amongst correspondents from all over the country.  This team is renowned for their unparalleled attention to detail as required in a court steeped in tradition.  Having an excellent working relationship with the court officials, this practice offers a world class service and can assist clients with confidence in all matters relating to appeals.

Debt Collection

We aim to assist clients with the collection of debts, now matter how big or small, in the most cost effective way possible.

Criminal Law

Criminal defence services are provided by Stephan du Plessis.  Services provided by him and his team include:


We can assist clients with the drawing of a trust deed and registration of a trust. Trusts can be used for various purposes including estate planning or to further a specific purposes. Trusts can be extremely flexible and can also be tailored to a family’s changing circumstances and needs.

Family and Divorce Law

Family and divorce law services are provided by Madeleine Koller who is a specialist in these areas.  Services provided by her and her team include: