Why is it important to have a will?

Why is it important to have a will?

Nobody likes to think about dying or making a will, and it is a subject that we approach with much sensitivity.

One of our biggest responsibilities during our lifetime is providing for our loved ones after we have passed on.

Our death is a tough enough burden for the loved ones we leave behind to bear, without them having to deal with problems with our estates. It is unfortunately true that many times our next-of-kin have to deal with such problems.

You have undoubtedly heard about family arguments over assets and money in an estate of a deceased person, and you of course hope this will not happen in your family.

Most problems in a deceased estate are caused by the deceased not having made a will, or having a badly drafted will.

It is important to have a professionally drafted will in which you clearly state who your beneficiaries are, in what proportions they inherit, and who your executor is to be. The executor is legally responsible for carrying out the wishes of the deceased as expressed in his will.

It is important to update your will, and to review the content thereof after any major event in your life, for instance when you get married, after having children, after a divorce etc.

Webbers has the expertise to draft and/or review your will and to administer your estate. By using our services you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your last wishes will be given proper effect to after your death.

Francois van Pletzen, Partner


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